Ray Revisited
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If you are underage, or in any way forbidden by your government or religious laws from viewing X-rated subject matter, please do not read this salty tale. If, however, you are not restricted by any laws in your geographical location, by all means read on.


Copyright 2015 by Zeke Krahlin

This is a fantasy tale, based on a sweet encounter with a very handsome fellow named Ray. After not enjoying his company for almost a year, I fantasize that we meet one night soon:

It is quite cold and foggy as I wander the streets of the Castro to see whose hot homeless dude's schlong I can take home tonight. Hiking up Eureka (which is rare, as I usually don't make it further west than Diamond Street) I observe a rather sexy dude (muscles rippling, nice full, tight ass) prepping his cardboard and blanket for a good night's sleep. Upon approach, I check out his mug more closely:

"It's Ray!" I exclaim aloud, delighted as a puppy wetting itself upon its master's return.

"Yeah?" Ray remarks from beneath the thin blanket, then looks up at me and grins: "Zeke! You're gonna take me home, aintcha?"

"You bet, good buddy," I declare while stripping him of his blanket and extending a hand to pull him up from the frigid sidewalk.

He leaves his bedding behind just like last time, for he knows I have proper comforters to snooze in, and residents get uptight if they see me escort someone inside, who is obviously homeless. Thus, without a bedroll (or even a backpack), and appearing well groomed, my street guests are free to accompany me up the stairs as if they were just some other hot trick with a roof over his head and a hundred dollars to burn that night.

"I bet you got a hardon right now!" I remark to Ray, as we cross Market towards K&D Liquors.

"Actually, I don't," he confesses.

"Okay then, let me give you a raging boner before we step in." And with that I begin fondling his cocky basket.

Sure enough, in less than another half-block his crotch bulges with fervor, as I delight in feeling his mahogany press against those khaki trousers. Ray can't walk a straight line at this point, simply because I now got him horny as a young goat. He's only five inches, but so fat with such a lovely crown, I can't get enough of him in my mouth. (How do I know this? Because the last time he was over--which was also the first time--I remained awake all night, just so I could blow him five times. And boy did he respond: buckets of semen flowed down my gullet each and every time!)

The moment we arrive at my SRO and I lock the door against invasion, I push Ray against the portal, unbuckle his belt, yank down those trousers, and thrust his rigid tube down my throat. After a minute or so of crotch worship, I demand he lower his frame a few inches, so I can drop my own pants and slide my hardon against his. He obeys without a moment's flinch, and I squeeze some lube on both our penises for one helluvah good frottage.

He moans like a wildcat in heat, so I pull him over to the bedding, where I suck him off so nice his hips remain thrust in the air even after I've emptied his chalice. Thinking I can get him all hot and bothered again in just a few moments' notice, I raise his legs over my shoulders and start to tongue his cherry butthole.

He responds with groans of pleasure, and another boner in my slick hand. And so I fuk him. Fuk him like nobody's business, like it's the first time in my life I ever get to shag a bodacious dude. And it is. If I told you how frustrating and sexless my entire life has been until just three weeks ago, you wouldn't believe it! So let's just skip my dark struggles, and continue with the erotic interlude:

Ray just lays there on his back, with his thighs spread wide that I may thrust my prick into his anus over and over and over again. The ecstasy I feel in my wanger is incredible: super slippery yet super tight! Never felt so wonderful in my life, pumping away at this fine soldier's hindquarters like there is no tomorrow. His hefty legs are straddled on either side of my neck, thus allowing me to dive right into his basket, and even lap up those balls and lick the rectum, before I insert My Aaron's Rod into His Land Of Milk And Honey.

Ray is a beefy guy, 5-foot-9 (former Marine, baby!) and with very little fat except about the belly. But not so much as to stop being the sexy stud muffin he truly is! I ravish his biceps, triceps, ribs and curved waist...and lick those yummy armpits for at least 15 minutes. After the first ejaculation (and it is indeed mighty, on both our parts), we lay beside each other for almost 40 minutes. Then it's back to the races.

This time I have him face me while we lay on our sides. Tell him to slide his left leg under me, and sling the right leg over my hips. With that, I can easily penetrate his sphincter while licking those hot nipples and even giving him a powerful shoulder rub. In fact, I do all three at the same time, due to the lust factor. I am more than a happy camper: I'm in Gay Nirvana!

So much of his cum fills my mouth, I have to let most of it pour down the sides of my jaws and drench the comforter. Having spent our seed a second time, we lay in lusty embrace until our boners find each other again...about an hour later. And boy do we dik!

This time I let him boink me, as I am very tight and inexperienced, and his hardon is not too big. In fact, it fits so snugly up my arse it feels like a sexual revelation to this starving soul. At first I straddle him while he lay on his back, having complete control over the butt-fukking. But a few minutes later--after feeling his hips pump evocatively beneath my buns and driving me bonkers as a result--I beg him to switch positions. Thus I instinctively find myself on my back, legs raised over his shoulders and with a fat, rigid kok up my wazoo. Ray thrusts hard and frequent, while I moan in ecstasy with my thighs pressed against his comely visage.

Just before I peak, he yanks it out and starts to blow me. To have such a handsome face dive into my crotch--and for repeated, almost countless, times--is a pleasure beyond most people's imagination (except the very lucky). Ray slides up (with yummy kisses before he departs further north), and his chest is now pressed onto my face, so I eagerly lap that fine torso while his stiffie returns between my legs and shoves its hardness up my lower intestine until I groan for mercy.

I cum over my belly, but Ray sucks it all up while maintaining his now-spongy kok in my anus until it can no longer occupy. This is not a problem, though, as we grow passionate once more less than an hour-and-a-half later. We do manage to get sleep between bouts, I must point out, which certainly renews our vigor each time we're ready for the next sexy battle.

Round 3 starts shortly after 2:45 AM, when I slide my left arm about his snoring body, and begin to tickle his balls. Within but a few seconds, his prick starts to grow, though I do not touch it directly. He sure loves me to play with his cojones! Regardless, I take this as a signal to now focus on his juicy sausage, and apply my mouth to his shaft as it grows rigid. I suck Ray's kok till it becomes fully engorged, then lick his swollen balls, the crotch right around and above those balls, his sweet belly, those pointy nipples and finally, those sweet armpits. He moans, feigning sleep while actually loving the hell out of my sexual exploits. Sometimes I think I missed my calling as a Gay Sex Counselor or Street Whore.

None of this is easy for me to perform, as his back is turned to me, thus I have to stretch over in order to reach his kok...or for that matter, his balls, chest, armpits or lips. So I eventually withdraw and lay beside him with my half-boner sliding upon his ass-crack, my arms embracing him from behind. But within a few minutes I find that my kok is so rigid, I can easily shove it up his welcoming ass (as tight as it truly is, I swear).

It all happens on automatic. No sooner does my dick go rock-hard, than it slips like a magnet to iron, up his tight butthole. Almost instantly do I cum like a fire brigade, while licking his shoulder blades and spine like a hungry warlock. My sperm ejaculates up his hot rectum many times over, I can't even begin to fathom! Ray exhales in a sort of pleasure that tells me that, even if he's mostly asleep, he refuses to miss out on the flow of my passion into his yielding spirit.

Round 4, 4:10 AM: Okay, we get some real sleep in each other's arms. And it sure is delightful respite before my boner resumes and I am, once again, impossibly thirsty for Ray's kok to cum all over me, or inside me. So, while a bit shy, I massage his calves, glide my arms up over his hips, torso and neck...then finally knuckle-rub his fuzzy buzz cut. Ray moans lightly, but enough to tell me he's ready for more fuk-fest and hot kok-sucking.

He is on his side, not facing me, so I gently nudge him onto his back and peel the blanket off his darling body, which writhes in anticipation of my tongue across his form. And I certainly do not disappoint. Starting with his arms, which I forcefully pull above his head, that I may lick both armpits: one minute each. He smiles and groans in a type of ecstasy that begs me to go on. And so I do:

While grabbing his engorged peter with a lubed left hand, I lick one side of his face, then proceed to thrill his neck and torso with my tongue before descending down to those hefty thighs and calves. Which means I avert His Sweet Spot (the kok of course) for several minutes longer before shoving it down my mouth, whence he spurts like Old Faithful.

The sun is barely risen and the sky still dark, when Ray grows restless and shoves me onto my back. My passion erupts, and I immediately thrust my hips like a piston, towards his face. Next thing I know, he's down on my prick, about to make me cum. Though because of the alcohol in my system, it takes more than a few minutes for me to explode between his lips. But no sooner does that occur, I find his rigid woodie up my ass, while we lay side-by-side facing each other.

Fountains of jism gush inside my intestines as the clouds draw apart to reveal a sunny day.

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