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(Collection 2: Mar. - ??? 2002)


This series of buttons--presently a work in progress--all began with my letter to the editor in the S.F. Bay Times, praising the bartenders and customers of a gay bar, The Pendulum. In this letter, I described one bartender, Enrique, as a "handsome Jalisco devil". A few weeks later, Enrique asked if I could make a button with "Jalisco Devil" on it, a rainbow, and the colors of the Mexican flag. Of course then another bartender, Fred, just had to have a button of his own, too...and so it went, snowballing to even include some customers and the Pendulum mascot, "Jackie O". The designs pictured below are in chronological order, for the history of this cycle's evolution may prove meaningful, too.

Even before I made special buttons for these outstanding bartenders, some had already worn my "I Bash Back" logo when I first showed up at the Pendulum. I was greatly honored; ecstatic, even. What spirited guys! They were the first bartenders to ever wear my art (Enrique being the very first).

My graphics/slogans are free for personal or activist use, so long as copyright credit remains intact. I offer any design or slogan as a fund raiser for lesbian/gay groups...for T-shirts, decals, coffee mugs, etc. In exchange, I request 1% (one percent) of all sales of items displaying my image. Send me a contract.

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JALISCO DEVIL ENRIQUE: This is my first Pendulum design that started the avalanche of bartender buttons. There is a second title for this design, that came to me a day after creating it: "The Angel of the Rainbow Cross of Aztlan". Do you know the meaning of Aztlan (also spelled "Azatlan")? It is the mythical land resulting from the reclamation of Mexico's land from the gringos...which includes all of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. When I explained this to Enrique, he said: 'It will never happen!" So I replied: "I never thought bartenders would be wearing my art, either." Aztlan is also part of the myth of Atlantis.

The rainbow is not only the main spiritual symbol of our les/gay family; it also represents the feathered serpent of Aztec and Mayan myth: called "Quetzalcoatl" and "Kukulkan", respectively. The cross represents the long-suffering of the native Mexicans at the hands of their European invaders, as well as the four directions of earth and heaven, and the four elements. The background of green/white/red represents the present flag of Mexico. But what I believe I've depicted here (with the addition of the rainbow cross) is the future flag of Aztlan.

"There is a place that the Spirit of Truth has prepared so that it shall be from there from which will be born the Liberation of the Indigenous Peoples. It is called AZTLAN, which means Paradise; it is where the Spirit of Truth lives." - Yaqui Elder Rafael Guerrero, Coronel, Division del Norte de Pancho Villa

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FRED: Fred is a tall drink of water, as well as a handsome African-American. At first, I thought a black dove would suit him...but I decided on a seagull instead, because it matches better, his sinewy limbs and fighting spirit. He is both gracious and strong, a fighter and a lover. Consider yourself mightily blessed to have such a fine young man as friend. Of course, the gull depicted is but a blurred silhouette, thus can represent any number of friendly fowls, including a dove. The other title for this button is: "The Black Dove Of Peace". For such was my original intent. (A universal variation on this design can be found here.)

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THE PENDULUM: I must thank Darrell for inspiring me to create this design. It came from his request that I create a button with the continent Africa on it, the three colors of Africa (red, black, green), and his name. Click here to see the original, as well as the non-titled version. Darrell is a friendly guy who vacuums our hallways once a month; he has also become a good friend to me and other residents.

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BUTT-ON: I never intended (or even thought about) including other people's art in my button cycles; but this just came to me unbidden. The artist drew this on a piece of scrap paper while waiting for me to show up at The Pendulum. What you see written on the drawing (in case it's not legible on your screen) is: "Zeke - Here's your next butt-on", signed "Kentucky Michael". Later that night I scanned it, resized it, and made it into my next button. And there you have it! So thanks, Michael, for such a thoughtful gift of friendship. You are one of the bravest, most inspiring men I've ever met (not to mention handsome). No little thing like AIDS is going to slow you down one bit! You are now immortalized on my website...along with the bartenders, and other select customers of The Pendulum. You're in good hands (yummy)!

Thanks for reviewing my 2nd collection of button art!
More "Pendulum Cycle" buttons are on their way.

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