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(Collection 3: Apr. - ??? 2002)

This third cycle started early on, in my second cycle. Since cycle #2 is dedicated to The Pendulum, I had to separate these designs into a page of their own. This cycle is also a work in do return every few weeks or so.

My graphics/slogans are free for personal or activist use, so long as copyright credit remains intact. I offer any design or slogan as a fund raiser for lesbian/gay groups...for T-shirts, decals, coffee mugs, etc. In exchange, I request 1% (one percent) of all sales of items displaying my image. Send me a contract.

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MY BUSINESS CARDS: Since I'm becoming famous for my buttons, folks have begun offering to pay me to create personalized buttons, including for lovers and friends in other nations. They keep asking "Do you have a card?", but I had run out. So I came up with the idea of putting my calling cards on buttons. I have two versions; both are great fun to hand out (and wear).

[2002 April 5]: Ironically (and thus, predictably) I have run out of button parts, just when I'm making this marvelous breakthrough. Is money truly filthy lucre that my Father in Heaven never wants to touch my thoughtful art? Who is going to bail me out of this predicament? I've just started a prolific creative cycle, when suddenly the button parts are gone. (Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!) Can you believe it: 51 years old and still looking for a sugar daddy? So which handsome elder gentleman out there, would love to be my patron, and set me up with the artist studio (I want to sculpt), the parties, the dinners, the know, the whole package usually reserved for such a struggling-artist-slash-budding-star as myself. (Eeeek! I can't take this "suffering, starving" personna any more. )

I have no problem with older men; I don't give a flying jackass how old you long as you're built like a Greek God, I'll be quite happy, thank you. (Oh, and you younger guys--down to 25 only, please--I am certainly open to having any of you be my patron...if you're filthy rich, that is (and built like a Greek God)! Just because you suffer the disadvantage of youth, is no reason you can't apply for the position. But you shall be tested to the max (and to the fullest extent the law will allow). Opportunity drools!

Picture this: All my buttons super-sized to 12-foot diameters, 100% anatomically correct, at SFMOMA...visitors walking around them, no part of the button left out, including the gigantic pin. One of them (perhaps "I Bash Back") has the likeness of a former lover, skewered by an oversized button; and I call this piece "Ex" (Du-uuh!). Soon to be unveiled: "I Never Met A Landlord I Didn't Hate"...this being a three-button affair, for sure (assuming I can fit more than one landlord on each pin)! Move over, Alexander (the Great Greek), I have come to complete what you have left unfinished. Hail Athenia!

P.S.: Not welcome: hard drugs of any sort (as well as poppers, smart drugs and all that crap), tobacco smoke, excessive alcohol, phony men. Welcome: marijuana (buds, not leaves or--deity-forbid--shake), moderate alcohol (esp. tequila and vodka), real men, rubber ducky.

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BURN FLAGS, NOT FAGS: As Pool Boy's doddering old fossil dominatrix, Dixie Westworth, loved to crow: "Do you like? I like! Ah-a-a-a-a-aaa!" (Now how did Mad TV get into the act of my button cycle? I do channel strange stuff! Perhaps Dixie would like to wear this design on her next swimsuit.)

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MIGHTY QUEER MOUSE: Well, there goes another childhood icon up in pervert smoke! Queer cartoon role models for tykes! An idea whose time has come. Can you say "gay agenda"? Imagine as a child, watching cartoon adventures where gay characters (and other sexual minorities) play heros that save the world! And rescue same-sex paramours from the imminent danger of homophobic enemies! Wanna see it happen for your child (or grandchild, or future generations)? Start a grass roots crusade in your home town or neighborhood.

Here you come to save the day: you are the hero!

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SHERIFF OF CASTRO STREET: I have been such a strident community activist here in the Castro, that sometimes I frighten myself...what with all my brazen confrontations with street thugs and local hard drug dealers (whom we're supposed to pretend don't exist, and thus look the other way). So one day the phrase "Sheriff of Castro Street" popped into my head. On the same day, I believe, that I knocked over my first homeless person's shopping cart piled high with stinky refuse that was an eyesore for miles around. And I have also been known to swipe booze from the grubby hands of half-conscious drunks, and empty those bottles into the gutter. (Hey, don't look at me like that! Jesus knocking over the merchant stalls at His Father's Temple set the precedent...along with Harvey Milk, "The Mayor of Castro Street", who cleaned up mountains of dog poo from Gay Mecca's fair sidewalks and parks. I always say: "He or she who is without the first stone, ought to borrow one from a neighbor.")

Thanks for reviewing my 3rd collection of button art!
More "Cycle 3" designs are on the way.

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