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I have lived here since January 1, 1983 (gaaaah!!): a single room overlooking the heart of The Castro. These photos are arranged from left-to-right (or clockwise)...starting with the entry door which faces north. Both windows face south. My dwelling is also a work in progress: a living diorama that you may actually enter and stroll around. (Just as I assigned myself a challenge to make a work of art out of my website, I did likewise for my room.)

If only I had an artist's grant to preserve my hobbit hole by filling it up with clear liquid lucite. Once the lucite hardened, the wall facing the street would be knocked out, so that tourists could gaze upon my abode, and see "where it all started". ("All of what started?" you might ask. "The Global Hellenic Emancipation," I'd reply.)

Please consider my humble abode as a textbook example of third world living conditions right here in the USofA. Something which our society still denies. But you don't have to be dirt poor to be subjected to substandard just have to be on a low income, living in an expensive city...with corrupt property owners and building inspectors (like every Amerikan city, town, burg and whistle- stop).

Note: These photos were all taken in July of 2000. But the descriptions of them were written later: May 3, 2004, to be precise.

Step into my parlor!!    

The door, with samples of my
art and writing.     C'mon in, don't be shy.







Bye, don't be a stranger!

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