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CAM SHOTS (webcam videos)            Return to top
"Cam shot" is my term for my
personal webcam videos:
a pun on "cum shot". All cam shots were taken outside
my window, or inside my humble abode, here in the
Castro overlooking Market Street. Play these *.avi
video clips in loop mode. For a real treat, run them
"full screen"!

ODDS & ENDS            Return to top
Intriguing found objects and
other curios
in and around the Castro, including my
own residence (a rather large apartment
building overlooking Market Street.)

VOICETRACKS            Return to top
Except for "Open Mic Live"
pieces, all voice recordings are done
from my own apartment. Truly amateurish, not only will you 
hear at times the crackle and hiss of a cheap PC sound system, 
but the background noises from Market Street just below my 
window...and maybe even a knock on my door and some surprise 
conversation with a visitor (hopefully friendly; not a bill 
collector, Muslim hit man, or ex-boyfriend fresh out of 
Sing Sing).



PARABLES (for the 21st century)



ZEKEBLOG (truetales)     [ Return to top ]

WRITINGS            Return to top
My take on intimately local
events; reflections on possibilities,
dreams and aspirations, and flights of fancy...all inspired by
my longterm residency in the Castro. Sometimes I even visit an
outpost of my queer locale, such as another neighborhood in
San Francisco (or an outlying region like Berkeley across the
bay); and return with a report from the perspective of a
righteously angered (and jaded) gay activist.






Ezekiel J. Krahlin a.k.a. "Jehovah's Queer Witness": available for private and group readings here in the SF Bay Area. Not limited to just the contents herein. Click here, here and also here to view many other tales, poems, essays and rants by yours truly. All fees negotiable.

Click here to contact me, and negotiate a payment. Sliding scale, averaging no less than $50 per hour, and no more than $200 (US currency).

Donations accepted in any amount to support my activist goals.