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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

LOVE THE SINNER, NOT THE SIN (A Queer Perspective) © 2002 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin (Jehovah's Queer Witness) This message is a follow-up to one I posted to Gaynet on Sept. 28, entitled: "Censored from another pro-gay list"...about a Queernet list manager, who started refusing my messages, if they continue to include the URL to my website, in my signature or anywhere else. (A copy of my original comments may be read at the end of this latest message.) I prefer to answer my conclusions in this matter, in the public venue of Gaynet and other queer political lists/newsgroups; for I believe my observations are important to the Queer Family at large. The list manager's identity is not revealed in this message, or in any other; I use a fake name. ---begin message to a Queernet list manager: Hey, Vernon! I was hoping we could discuss this matter over the phone, to spare me the exhaustion of typing it all out. However, I now have some time to do this. Here's the important part of why your censoring my URL is a bad idea, IMO: It is obvious to me, that the person who started complaints against me, is the very kind of arrogant bisexual that I criticized in the essay in question ("Bisexual Politics = Vampires On Gay Rights"). And the reason why you have MORE than one complaint against me, is that this one bisexual ragged all over the place about me, to his or her bisexual "pals". IOW: they "ganged up" on me! It's very interesting to examine weekly, what kind of searches visitors make, to my own website search engine. One search was for "bisexual"...just a few days before you confronted me. So I believe Mr. (or Ms.) Arrogant-Bi, landed on my title page, and the first thing s/he did there, was to search for word "bisexual"...saw the title of that essay, and then went ballistic. Ahhhh, yes...I know the type all too well. They wouldn't hesitate to spread gossip about me that could lead to my own destruction, even unto homelessness and/or death. Since you claim to understand PERFECTLY my activist tactics, and agree with me, that I am NOT promoting violence...then you have an ethical obligation to correct those who complain of me due to their own ignorance. Otherwise, you grant them permission to spread gossip about me, that I preach violence against heterosexuals. This gossip can lead to complete censorship of my writings, everywhere, the shutting down of my website, and even possibly my imprisonment, or suffering violent attacks at the hands of crazed 'phobes. I know this first-hand, for gossip in the streets about me, has led to numerous ugly cycles where I've had to walk through the Castro for months, with my life in danger. In fact, my life is presently in danger, in this recent cycle...thanks once more, to one malicious homeless person who is trying to stir up hatred against me, and drive me out or get rid of me another way. Whether gossip against me is in the streets, or on the Internet, it is an evil thing to do, or to allow. And you, Vernon, are ALLOWING hate to spread against me, that is quite wrongful. We are not talking simple disagreement here, but the nature of homophobia when mixed with gossip a.k.a. "slander"...a VOLATILE combination against whomever is the target! You have the MORAL DUTY to educate members of your list, as to the vital difference between aggressive activism that pushes the envelope (as I do), and real violence. Else, you allow them to IMPRINT an image of violence in their minds, whenever my name is brought up. And such imprinting doesn't stop stimulates some to take further action, to spread the gossip even further, and to find ways to sabotage my access to public forums...whether online or on the streets. You need to answer to your conscience re. defining my politics as "violent". I find this stance abhorrent, yet in most other issues, I think you excel. So while I am glad to maintain a tentative alliance with you, I don't really see you having made that important sea-change since our initial confrontation over the subject of "spiritual violence" (which definition I find severely fascist and totally anti-gay). And such failure to do so, leaves a weak spot in your spiritual armor, for the enemy to influence you to influence those who respect you, to turn a wrongful face of hate in my direction...and in the direction of most other left-wing queer activists. I guess there's also a lesson in all this, for me, too. And I believe I've found it: Now I know what "loving the sinner and not the sin" really means! (From a queer perspective, of course.) I love you Vernon, but not your sins against another devoted queer activist! ---quote from original post: From: Ezekiel Krahlin To: A Queernet list manager Subject: Re: Please remove your URL Date: 9/28/02 7:19:34 PM 9/28/02 12:30:44 PM, list manager wrote: > I can approve your posts IF the URL is > removed. Or, if that is unacceptable to you, > I can reject them (regretfully). My URL to my activist website? I assume you have read the material in question. I am no more anti-bi than I am anti-hetero. I am DEFINITELY anti- heterocentric...and it is only fair that I describe the dark side, as well as the bright side of those sexual minorities I am familiar with. Knowing the responsible person you are, I am sure you have read the material yourself, before posting to me. I think it's kinda OUTRAGEOUS that my URL should be censored on a pro-gay list. You are allowing others' erroneous opinions to usurp my very considerate and intelligent voice. By all means, I am out of your hair. I won't ever upset your cozy list again. ---end of my reply This is the third queenet list I've been rejected or censored. Another was a left-wing list...imagine that! And yet another is supposed to be "radical", but the severe censoring of what few messages of mine that do get through...are as a result, totally gelded. All I can say is: I'm glad that Gaynet is not afraid of its own shadow (or those of its regular participants). ---end quote from original post --- Ezekiel J. Krahlin (formerly Gene Catalano) In service to our Gay Community since 1973 Lavender-Velvet Revolution: ---end of message to a Queernet list manager ---finis