Tom Ain't No Turkey (Happiest Thanksgiving 2007)

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Tom Ain't No Turkey (Happiest Thanksgiving 2007)
11.22.07 (7:51 pm)   [edit]
From: Zeke
To: Thomas
Date: 22 Nov 2007, 06:25:38 PM
Subject: Re: Bon mots

Thomas writes:

{{ Definitely so, and exactly the right day of the year for the contemplation of that perspective ;-) }}

Stepped out to do laundry, wondered why so few people were around, and the streets unusually quiet. Then it hit me: THANKSGIVING! A real "I coulda had a V-8" moment. :b

{{ I cannot complain about 35 years with the almost-perfect life-partner, }}

Well, you COULD but you're not a New Yorker like me.

{{ The purpose of counting blessings is for one's own mental health. }}

I don't just count my blessings, Tom, I JACK OFF to them too: Let's see (break out the lube) there's Jonny...(more lube) and Randolph...(still more) Larkin...(yet even MORE lube) Troy...(okay, we need a BUCKET here!) Dean. The list goes on, along with the boners.

{{ So many little things that we take for granted that are very big things... }}

One could get VERY Freudian over THAT comment!

{{ to be healthy, to be able to drive, to be able to see, to be able to walk, to have a meal on the table, to have a roof. }}

Don't forget our enemies. They make us better people, whether we care to admit this, or not. And doing the laundry: only 2nd on my shit list to a visit to purgatory.

{{ Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving. }}

I am VERY grateful for my talents as writer/philosopher/activi st/visionary and All Around Bullshit Provocateur.

So HAPPY about this tremendous breakthrough in my writing (Larkin Chronicles and Friendly Ghost Detective Agency). Fitting that my first best-seller is also the Ultimate Revenge Upon Mine Enemies.

My chronicles will also bust wide open this shadow conspiracy which you so correctly surmise EXISTS. You'll see! I will VERY SOON become one of the world's greatest heroes to ever emerge from the Muck of Humanity's Cesspit.

In giving thanks, we SHOULD include ourselves. For we have been LIFESAVERS towards each other in a very fucked-up "woild". I'd be like a "boid widda bwoken wing" w/o your many years' kind support and thoughtful musings.

Otherwise, I'm sitting here in my ramshackle SRO by my lone some, as usual.

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